A Father's Day Gift to NEPR!

Father’s Day is a time when we like to reflect on all that Dear Old Dad has taught us: How to drive a car, how to change a tire, and how to get an after school job to pay off that first speeding ticket!
Well if Father’s Day has you thinking about all of dad’s wisdom, we hope you’ll enjoy this vehicle donation story.

New On-Air Promos and Web Banners featuring WWDTM's Alonzo Bodden!

Who doesn’t love to laugh?! Well listen up… we’ve got new on-air promos and web banners featuring one of the funniest voices on public radio. The one, the only, Alonzo Bodden of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!
Ready to laugh?

A Mother's Day Gift to WHYY

Here at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services, we often find that public radio and television are a shared family tradition. Kids get hooked on programs like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Antiques Road Show by their parents and a tradition of tuning in is born.
So this Mother’s Day, we’re honoring two generations of moms who donated their car to WHYY.

New Listener Testimonial Promos are Here!

We’ve got new listener testimonial promos ready for your air… right now! 
These creative promos feature the connection listeners feel to their local station and spotlight how donating a vehicle can help strengthen that bond.
So come on… don’t wait. Get these promos on your air, now!

New Classical Promos and Web Banners are Here!

We’ve got 8 brand new Classical Music Promos ready for your air!

In Memory of Dad, a Van for WCMU

This Father's Day, we wanted to honor a special dad… Kevin Tate. Kevin's kids donated his van to WCMU and share why the station and memories of their dad are so intertwined. We're warning you, get out the hankies cause this is a tearjerker.

A Donation to Michigan Radio in Honor of Mom!


In celebration of Mother's Day, we wanted to share a heartwarming story about a mom and her daughter--and the car and station--that united them. Enjoy.

Susan with her Camry

Refreshed TV Promos!

Check out our refreshed TV promos ready for your air, right now!

These updated 15-second promos feature vehicle donors sharing how they turned their old cars into the programs they love! It's powerful messaging that will convert more of your viewers into vehicle donors. And now, we've refreshed them to reflect today's most popular programs!


New On-Air Promos and Web Banners for Tax Season!

We love tax season (said no one, ever!)

But actually, we kind of do love it. Why? Because vehicle donation is a meaningful and helpful way for your listeners and viewers to get a tax break and support your station!


Car Talk VDS Honors Top Vehicle Donation Stations: MPR, St. Louis Public Radio, WHYY and WCBE Win Rusty Hubcap Awards! 

It's that time of year when we at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services award the prestigous Rusty Hubcap Awards. Yes, after the Oscars and the Grammys, it's time for the beloved Rustys! This is when we roll out the red floor mat to stations whose vehicle donation programs really sped past expectations. You are all rock stars in our junkyard but these folks have made it to the Rusty Hall of Fame. So without further ado...

Minnesota Public Radio Wins for Outstanding Performance

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