From Diapers to Diplomas: A Subaru cruises from one grateful family to WFCR


Here at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services, we love mail time! We are always touched by the amazing reasons listeners and viewers give for donating their car to their local station. Here's the latest story to share, from the Baker family in MA.


My wife and I purchased the '96 Subaru wagon from my brother the year our oldest daughter got into a terrible car accident just before her senior year of college.  My mother couldn't stand watching us rattle around in our Geo Metro 4-door tin can with small children in the back and put the pressure on us to switch to a more substantial car. That was in 2000 and the Subaru had 55,000 miles on it.  That same year we found a stray kitten living underneath our local coop supermarket -- we brought her home when the weather started getting cold that Fall and named her Zuzu. 

Our most exciting moment in the Subaru came on the same stretch of Route 2 that nearly claimed my daughter's life.  My wife and I spun out on black ice coming home from Boston -- a full 360 at 55 miles an hour somewhere near Athol, MA. Fortunately, we did not spin into the oncoming traffic but wound up gently tapping our own guard rail and coming to a stop.  The small dent above our right tail light - now rusted through - remains as a small memento of that lucky day.

The Baker Family


All three of our boys learned to drive in the Subaru and amazingly, it still drives on the original clutch and more than 240,000 miles. The youngest of our five children left home this month for his final semester of college.  Zuzu died this summer after fifteen happy and mostly house-trained years (the front hall carpet is her little memento).  And our Subaru has come to the end of the road -- still runs but we can't justify putting another muffler on.

So there you have it - and now it's yours.  The end of our child-raising years is celebrated with a vehicle donation to WFCR.  We are loyal listeners of All Things Considered, Classical and Jazz, Marketplace, Wait Wait, Prairie Home and yes ... Car Talk.  I even listen to Tertulia in Spanish now and then.  It's a great station.

Thanks for taking the Subaru wagon for WFCR!


Andrew Baker

Shelburne Falls, MA