And Ode (and a Quest) to Say Thanks!

It's mailbag time here at Car Talk VDS and we love it when donors get creative. Check out this little ditty from Greg Smith who donated his van to WBUR. Greg's donation was his way of saying thanks for years of enjoying Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Radio Boston and Only a Game. Enjoy!



An Ode to Our Quest by Greg Smith
Time has come to retire our Quest big and blue.

That's done yeoman work for a decade, it's true.

It's been hauling and cruising,

And still comfy not bruising.

It's been toting and touring

With style alluring.

Hauling three kids through college

Imagine the knowledge.

Now on its next journey it'll go far

As a donation to support WBUR.
Cheers -
Greg Smith
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