When Doing Good Is So Easy!

It's mailbag time here at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services and we have to admit, we love it when we hear that donating a car to support public broadcasting is EASY! After all, supporting your local station should be simple and just leave you with an empty driveway, a tax deduction, and plenty more of the great programs you love!

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We have recently completed the process of donating my car to NPR.  Who knew that doing something so good could be so easy?!?!?!  From the online process which was simple, quick and intuitive, to the customer service rep who called to schedule my appointment for pick up, to the towing service who completed the process, the experience was delightful!

I am a devoted Morning Edition fan, and love the Saturday/Sunday line up.  We play the puzzle on Sunday mornings, and try to catch the TED Radio hour as well as RadioLab.  My husband has retired recently, and I know that on Fridays, he is glued to the radio to catch Science Fridays.  As a teacher, I have used This I Believe as well as Story Corps to help inspire student writers.  And of course, we are huge fans of Car Talk!  We mourned the loss of Tom, and appreciate that the duo lives on in reruns!

Sorry I couldn't pick just one! 

Liz Ozuna sends her Scion to KSTX

We live in San Antonio and are long time members of KSTX, 89.1.  We have listened to the PSA's about car donation for years, but we are a family that keeps our cars until they just turn up their tires and expire!  This 2005 Scion had two owners, our niece and me, and I acquired it at a time when I was traveling a great deal in the South Texas area.  She left me with just over 190,000 miles on her.  I loved the stick shift, the sun roof, and the low profile, and save for a couple of speeding tickets (I often remarked that I wasn't mature enough for this car!), the Scion served me well. She kept me safe and performed like a champ, requiring very little maintenance above regular oil changes, tire rotations and car washes.  Now, in her new life, I look forward to continued great programming, and know that she'll perform just as well in this new role.

I have included a "selfie" of our last moments together in the attachment below.

Thank you for making this possible!  We hope to see you in another 10 years, though we replaced the Scion with a Subaru, and you know the track record for these cars shows that they last forever!

Liz Ozuna