Until Death Do Us Part

When a husband and wife went to battle over a car, it was Public Radio East in NC that won. Check out this vehicle donation story... 


A light kept coming on that said "check engine." I ignored it for as long as I could. As you will see in the attached photo, I finally put a check on the engine just like the light said. I think they call those check engine lights "idiot lights" and boy are they right. I put the check on the engine and nothing happened. I decided that if whoever put the lights on the dashboard built the rest of the car then I better get rid of it so I donated it to Public Radio East in New Bern, North Carolina (89.3).

My favorite show would have to be Car Talk because they often feature stories about the eternal struggle between a husband and wife who are facing the strongest emotions of love and hate as they try to reconcile their differences. And so it was with me and my wife; she loved the car and I hated it from the very beginning. My wife pledged "until death do us part" and when the car finally died, she was finally able to part with it and we have now reconciled our differences by buying a new car that we both like. The vehicle donation program provided a decent burial for the car, and my wife and I now live in perfect harmony.

Ed Braswell