Turning a Death Machine into Radio Magic!

It's mailbag time here at the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. We love hearing stories of why listeners and viewers decide to turn their cars into their favorite programs. Often times, a car has served a family well. From car pools to road trips, it's a loved member of the household. But other times, folks can't wait to get rid of their wheels! Like our pal Sean, who recently donated his Ford Focus to support all his favorite programs on WCBE.

Whether you love or hate your car, we'll take it! ALL cars can be turned into the programs we love!

And now, Sean's story....




Hello Car Talk,

I just donated my 2002 Ford Focus to WCBE 90.5.  I'd love to say it's a sad parting with the Focus, but frankly I hated the car, and I feel it may have hated me!  And when it was murdered by Mother Nature in a snow storm, I saw no fitter end for the tiny thing but to let it do some genuine good at the end of its long, irreverent life. 

So here's to the Focus, once a rattling death machine, now the pinnacle of radio entertainment! And here's to happy endings. Thanks for all the awesome programs!

Sean Moore