A Sentimental Donation to Red River Radio

Here at the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, we understand better than anyone that sometimes a car is more than just a way to get around town. Sometimes a car becomes a member of the family. It holds memories and sentiments that are hard to explain.

That's just case for Ky Mason and her Ford Expedition. So when the time came to part with her car, she entrusted Red River Radio with her donation. Because Ky knew her car needed to create a new chapter in her life as important as the last one. Here's her story:


Ky with her late father


Dear Car Talk Vehicle Donation,

I donated my car to Red River Radio because our area Louisiana Public Broadcasting network provides the BEST of cultural enrichment and enlightened thinking anywhere 'round these parts!!! Their programming is entertaining, informational, and provides a great window of fresh air into the arts and all facets of society today!

There are several organizations that I might have chosen for my donation, but I believe that Louisiana Public Broadcasting would most benefit, applying the donation where it is needed most at this time when objective, informed, and open-minded media are under such attack from those with opposing views to our most basic freedoms protected by our Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution.

This vehicle, a 1999 Ford Expedition that I have enjoyed for more than 12 years, is extremely sentimental to me. In 2003, my father went with me to select the best pre-owned car I could find, appropriate for me to drive long distances to promote a book I had helped to produce. Before I could get back to the dealership to purchase a less expensive choice I had selected, Daddy had already made arrangements to buy the best one available, one he felt safer, and more geared to my travels, and, certainly one with a bigger price tag. When we arrived, my Expedition was detailed and tuned to a tee, gassed up and ready to roll. But this was the last big present my father would be able to give me, as broke his hip, became bedridden, and passed away two years ago. This vehicle brought him as much joy in his giving as it brought me to have it. It allowed me the freedom to do my job with confidence and without worry of its failing.

As anything precious in life to which we must say goodbye, I was tearful to see it go, but, through this donation, I hope to help others; and I will move ahead with the tasks before me, still filled with tremendous joy in his giving and mine, and the knowing that I was so loved.

Thank you so much for your cooperative efforts to boost our Red River Radio. I hope this small donation and much lauded support from me will also help!

Kindest regards,
Ky Ellen Mason