An Old Hippie Car Goes to WBEZ!

We love a great car story-- and especially one that involves donating your car to support public broadcasting!  

Here's one we had to share. Bill Weaver has been a die-hard public radio fan since the early days. And his fun and funky car, Otis, has been as loyal to Bill as Bill has been to WBEZ. So it makes perfect sense that Bill would officially unite two of his great loves.

Read on.


Dear Car Talk,

I have been a supporter of and volunteer at WBEZ Chicago since 1985, moving from the 'cool guy' phase of my youth to 'geezer', requesting free refills at the local coffee shop, thus becoming everything of which I used to make fun.  During pledge drives in years past I have had the pleasure of speaking to Ray Magliozzi, and am proud to call myself a Public Radio Geezer-Geek.  Car Talk, in particular, has brought me joy and laughs even in my darkest hours. For that, I thank you all. 

Please accept my pride and joy Otis,  my second 1969 VW 1300 Beetle. He was named after 'Otis Campbell', the town drunk on
The Andy Griffith Show. I can't for the life of me remember why I named him Otis, other than I like the name.  I think every car should have a name, just as folks used to name their homes.

And now, I must  give Otis up for adoption, as I am too old and creaky to drive without the comforts of heat and air-conditioning and my knees no longer allow me to attend to the engine in the back. 

Thanks for your good works.

Bill Weaver
Elmhurst, Illinois

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