Honoring a Vintage and Classy Dad!

Some Father's Day gifts are more touching than others. As this Father's Day approaches, we wanted to share a story that touched all of us here at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services.

For us, it helped remind us what matters. We hope you enjoy it-- and from all of us here, Happy Father's Day.


Hollis Pierce-Jenkins and her late father's Oldsmobile

Dear Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services,

My father, Isaiah Pierce, passed on August 9, 2015. My father almost lived to see 90. I loved him-- and he loved his car.  

My husband and I are donating a 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora to KCSM in honor of my father. My husband and I are fans of KCSM and my mother and I are jazz fans. When the electrical repairs on the car became too cost prohibitive to repair, we knew we wanted to donate it.

The donation is one of love for an art form that is vintage and classy, just like my father. 

May he rest in peace and may the gift of the car to KCSM bring new life to a new generation jazz lovers.

Isaiah Pierce


Peace and blessings,
Dr. Hollis Pierce-Jenkins


Have someone you want to honor with a vehicle donation to your local station? We'd love to hear about it. Send us an email with your story. And thanks.