Saying Thanks... With a Car Donation!
It’s the time of year when we say thanks to all of the amazing listeners and viewers who’ve turned an old car into their favorite programs. Just like Jim Hicks, who donated his Honda Civic to KCUR. Jim didn’t need just one reason to support the station. He had a million. Enjoy his story. And thanks!
Dear Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services,
Here is a photo of me and my dog Max with my 2001 Honda Civic that I recently donated to my local NPR station, KCUR broadcasting from the Campus of the University of Missouri - Kansas City.
I personally put 375,000 miles under me and the Civic, many while listening to NPR programs such as Car Talk, A Prairie Home Companion, Whad'ya Know, BBC world report and local favorites Cypress Avenue and The Fish Fry.  There have been so many "Driveway Moments" that I can't even begin to pick a favorite!
If this car could talk, oh the stories it could tell!  Morel Mushroom expeditions, Whitetail Deer/Mud-running (Yes in a front wheel drive coupe!) and more sunrise and sunsets than you can imagine!  The Civic was my daily driver and career transport for over 13 years and served my son Steven through high school and his first year of college.
I am going to miss my car but I am very proud to be able to put it towards keeping NPR on the air - Informing, educating and entertaining programming for years to come!
Thank you NPR and Car Talk for making this possible!
Jim Hicks