A Beloved Family Car Goes to Iowa Public Radio
We love it when a family shares a tradition of listening to their local public radio station together. Couple that with a hand-me-down family set of wheels and what do you get? A vehicle donation match made in heaven!
Take Emily... her parents instilled a love of Iowa Public Radio in her. And a love of Ruby, the family car. We won't spoil the rest... you can read Emily's letter below!
Dear Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services,
Ruby is a 2003 Suzuki Aero that my parents purchased brand new after much looking and discussion. They loved her sporty look and bright red color. 
Ruby was an excellent ‘road trip’ and in town car for many years. Our family was always excited to see Ruby and her precious passengers come gliding up our steep driveway.....AWD....no problems there!! 
In 2014 my Mother gave Ruby to my husband and me. She had her share of small scrapes and minor dents, but we loved keeping her in the family and she has served us well. 
Now it is time for Ruby to be gifted to Iowa Public Radio. How appropriate that her radio dial
was always tuned to IPR! She has been a part of my listening to great and tragic stories, humor shows and many many driveway moments. Her legacy joins ours as supporters of IPR! Well done good and faithful Ruby!!