A Father's Day Gift to NEPR!
Father’s Day is a time when we like to reflect on all that Dear Old Dad has taught us: How to drive a car, how to change a tire, and how to get an after school job to pay off that first speeding ticket!
Well if Father’s Day has you thinking about all of dad’s wisdom, we hope you’ll enjoy this vehicle donation story. We have a feeling some of you have dads who not only taught you the ropes of car ownership, but also turned you into lifelong NPR and PBS fans.
From all of us at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services, Happy Father’s Day!
Dear Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services,
We donated my 1998 Saturn to NEPR. This was the car that my dear late Dad gave me in 2002, when I was a struggling, middle-aged reporter at a local newspaper and couldn’t afford to buy a car.  My dad, who had pulled himself up from his bootstraps and did not appreciate luxury, had special-ordered it NOT to have any amenities that it made it easier to drive. That’s right…. There was no air-conditioning or no power steering. It did help me develop some serious biceps though!
In the 15 years I had it, I met my husband and got a new, higher-paying job.
I am  happy to donate it to a good cause, and my husband suggested "Car Talk," which has been inspirational to him throughout the years. He frequently quotes both car and life advice he's learned from the show over the years.  He tunes in to our local station, NEPR, every morning, noon and night and finds listening to the radio helps him sleep.
Mary Carey